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Kiyo wakes up in a place familiar but different, her lover nowhere to be seen. It is your job to find her and either make people hate your guts along the way or befriend them in this Bullet Hell RPG.

Meet the cast:

Name: Kiyo

Age: ???

About: A girl who wakes up at a grave. She is looking for somebody.

Name:  Gogo Pochi

Age: 23

About: She is a dog who calls herself a cerberus, she wanders around a town called stonehollow and and is engaged to the mayor, a cheshire cat named Mao.

Name: Ina Field

Age: 17???

About: She is a scarecrow that came to life not long ago through the love and care put in a field.  She dislikes crows and loves pumpkins. 

Name: Diyu

Age: ???

About: A mysterious witch of love.

(Most of the assets are placeholders and will be phased out in next demo release. No bad end has been implemented in the demo as of yet.)


Arae Demo 0.1.2 451 MB

Install instructions

If the text doesn't display in game properly, please install the included font in the font folder.  Click the executable file and let it extract, once extracted simply run the game's executable.

Development log

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