First off,  Arae apparently is featured on https://queerlyrepresent.me/database/spreadsheet. I hope many people find they can resonate on some level of the characters in the game, especially with some themes that will be prevalent in it.  

Next, I'm sorry about the lack of updates on the game, working on one of the larger missing features. Also having some dialogue overhauled and working on implementing missing routes.

 It may take longer to work on with depression getting in way and several members of the team being worked to exhaustion by side jobs. On the bright side once the missing features are added we can work towards getting Arae's final demo version out and work on the main game when we're all not emotionally and physically exhausted. Thank you to all of those who played the game and supported us.

As a quick reminder we do have an official discord you can talk to us at and provide feedback. https://discord.gg/wxtmQNN

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