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20 years ago, Haru Fujino was involved in a horrifying and mysterious case that involved her beloved childhood friend, Kyousuke Nanashima. They both shared an interest in the occult up until that faithful day. What happened so long ago to drive her to give up the passion she shared with her friend? Maybe there are some things best left buried in the past. This is a tragic and grisly tale not for the faint of heart.

Loosely based off the Nanashi series translated by Tara A. Devlin. You, Me and Nothing More is an episodic horror game. New chapters will come when available.

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Good game, hate the resolution. Check it out. 

I'm not 100% sure you can change the res in RPG Maker VX Ace without scripts. I'll have to check.

Edit: There. Added a resolution script to chapter 4. It's a bit grainy, but it should be okay? Just press F6 to go fullscreen.

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BRO! Spoilers!

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You know you could just not read it. Just saying but fine I'll be careful from now on.

There I removed it, happy now? I'm not gonna say anything more on the matter, it'll only make things worse and the world's current situation has a negative effect on ppl so I rather not spark a conflict anymore than there already is.

Just... don't take this comment the wrong way please. I don't want to deal with any negativity.

I'm sorry. I'm available on Discords and Twitters. Do you need to talk?

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Its fine I don't really mind, glad this didn't escalated to conflict. As for talking I don't think so, I'm doing fine despite being cooped up. Thank you for the offer though.

Besides if I was you I would care about spoilers too.

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3/7 episodes are currently done. I'm trying to motivate my butt to work on Chapter 4.

Thank you for answering my question and for your time.