Hey, y'all. It's been a while, hasn't it? Finally motivated my butt to work on Kamikakushi.

Unfortunately, I need to readd the doll puzzle. I... accidentally deleted all traces of it. (This is what happens when you let depression cloud your judgement.)

What's new?

- Heavily revised dialogue

- Ramped difficulty for the chase scenes/music box puzzle (except in the case for a certain tatarigami. It was impossible for me to improve it without getting permalocked onto a Game Over)

- added some flashbacks that further explain Hisame and Shin's backstory

- replaced face graphics and sprites for Ueno and Yamazawa.

- replaced the sprite for short-haired Yasu

- added a book in the Omake Room that helps explain some mythos that wasn't clear.

- attempted to sprite graphics for Hisame in some cutscenes using a base. More to come...

- fixed up all of the face graphics. ALL OF THEM.

- added a bit of developer's foresight in the True End route that some players could abuse in 1.0.

- added some more beta sketches in the Omake Room (drawn by me, Tobi!)

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