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This was really fun! Great job! I actually really liked the ending.

I finally finished editing all 4 parts of the playthrough for this game and I can honestly say this was an awesome game that offers an experience most other don't. The music was amazing(especially the credits song), the characters and story were so well flushed out(even though the ends are kinds confusing),  and the whole overall story was a blast. Keep it up! Part 1 of the series will go up on my Youtube channel Nickscalibur on February 6. 

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Thank you for playing!  (^▽^)

I (Tobi) plan to revise several errors for version 2.0, so we'll try to keep you updated~

As for the Normal End... Whether or not the horned guy is actually stalking an adult Yasu or if it's just a hallucination brought on by paranoia is up to interpretation.

Here's part 1. Part 2 comes out on the 8th 🙂.

I'm at the doll room right now recording for my YouTube channel and this game is just the right amount of spooky and fun without overdoing the spooks with jump scares or taking away the fun with difficult puzzles. Great Job and hope you keep making more games! 

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Remember how the horned guy told you "Kaminagas are friends, not enemies"? That's a major hint. Why would a curse god be so friendly to Yasu and not attack her at any moment? Since you refusing has you be cruel to him, you'll want to be nice to him. After that is pretty straightforward.

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